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Here at the Archive, we have a collection of between 300-400 books. Most deal with family genealogies, but many deal with local histories, and histories of organizations such as churches. Many date to between 1880 and the 1920's. We have decided to share these books in a series of videos in the hopes that it may help you in your research.

Happy searching!

In episode 1 we discuss:

The paperback books published in the 1920's by J. Montgomery Seaver, Published by the American Historical Genealogical Society.

The books we have in our collection are for the families of:

Martin, Price, Scott, Taylor, Allen, Baker, Bell, Brooks, Burns, Campbell, Chase, Cook, Davis, Evans, Ford, Fleming, Gordon, Harris, Henderson, Henry, hughes, Hunt, Jackson, Jenkins, Kennedy, Lee, Long, MacDonald, McDonald, Mitchell, Moore, Morris, Nelson, Reed, Reynolds, Roberts, Rogers, Stewart, Stone, Thomas, Young. 
In episode 2 we discuss:

Martin Family Records, Rice Family Records , Scott Family Records, and Taylor Family Records. 

"Appleby- Clark Family Record",  Suffolk County Historical Society, 1976

"The Havens Family in Suffolk County New York", Barrington S. Havens, 1975

"The Beall Family 1623-1850", James Beale Wylie

"The Family of van der Pyl In America", Robert Adrian van der Pyl

In Episode 3 we discuss:

"The Genealogy of Thomas Hall His Children and Grandchildren", Septimius Hall, added notes by Tasker H. Williams,1967

"Seaman, Hunt, Wright Genealogy",  William M. Seaman, 1957

"George Lemley and his Wife Catharine Yoho and their  Decendants for Two Centuries". Alvah John Washington Headlee- great-great-great- grandson, 1975
In Episode 4 we discuss:

"Names of Those Buried in the Union Cemetery at Middle Island New York", The Union Cemetery Association, 1970

"Longwood a History", Jean Lauer, 1980,  revised and reprinted in 1984

"The Wading River, Pauguaconsuk", Evelyn Rowley Meier, Wading River Historical Society, 1955

"Wading River 1671-1971" 300th Anniversary Booklet Committee

"Historic Houses of the North Fork and Shelter Island", Joy Bear, 1981
In this Episode 5 we discuss:

"The History of the Westhampton Presbyterian Church from 1742-1976" , 

"Beach United Methodist Church a History 1992-1980",  Phoebe Havens Tuttle

"Quogue 1659- 1984 The 325 Anniversary of the Purchase of Land from the Shinnecock Indians", Russel Vail Harmon
In Episode 6 we discuss:

"Know Your Town; Southampton" ,by Women's League of Voters, 1980 

"In Old Southampton" , Abagail Halsey, 1940, 1953, 1968

"The Mills of Long Island",  1962



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